Playful Hues Organic Panzy Hoop Earrings

The pattern clashing earring of our dreams! This funky hoop is what Moe Moe is all about: fun patterns, cool colours and unique shapes. This bold earring is slightly softened by is pale colouring, but it's still going to standout like it rightfully should. And when mixing all these shapes together feels like it's a little too much you can slide your shapes off of the hoop and wear them individually. Like we said, earring of our dreams...

  • Sterling silver hoop (18mm in diameter) 
  • Reversible silver alloy panels with artwork on one side and sleek brushed silver on the other
  • 5.7cm long (including hoop) x 3.7cm wide
  • 2.92 grams each 
  • Australian made in Currumbin, QLD 


Designed collaboratively by all the brilliant brains at Moe Moe HQ, Playful Hues consists of unbeatable combinations of pattern clashing, pastel colouring, and quirky layers. Designed alongside our Basics range, the goal for Playful Hues was to celebrate unique, bold style using a slightly muted colour palette. Dare to be different in these soft standouts!


Moe Moe Design earrings are lovingly designed from start to finish in our Currumbin, QLD studio. Our small, powerful team all contribute to the creation of each earring by wearing, product testing, drawing, building, and cutting each design until it’s just right. We hope you love the transformable pieces we have designed for you to seamlessly style from outfit to outfit with ease!

Moe Moe Design is the capsule wardrobe of earrings: flip them to plain silver, swap your studs to hooks, or stack other Moe Moe pieces together to build something special for any outfit.

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