Signature Circle Long Drop Earrings

Designer Notes
  • Australian made
  • a smaller statement, yet still striking
  • reversible aluminium panels with artwork on one side and sleek brushed silver on the other
  • sterling silver components (we are nickel free)
  • 5cm long including hook, 2cm wide
  • 1.2  grams each

The Circle Long Drop Earrings are classic gems that goes with any look. We have custom designed these extra long sterling silver hook components to ensure that 'simple' can still mean 'stand-out'! Make the most of the clever versatility of these earrings by flipping the hook to the other side and voila, your earrings are now a subtle, brushed silver. We think you'll agree; the word fabulous comes to mind when you look at these mini masterpieces! 

Love, Emma x

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