Reversible Animal Moe Pack Circle Moon Mix Earrings

Designer Notes

  • Australian made
  • Featuring our new exciting INTERCHANGEABLE RANGE: Designed by us - styled by you
  • 1 pack contains: 2 Earring hooks, 2 stud posts & 4 earring shapes
  • sterling silver components (we are nickel free)
  • maximum 0.8 grams per earring

To personalise your look and match your mood, slip your earring pendant off the post or hook to create the look that's right for you. Wear patterns side showing or reverse for matte silver.

If you’ve ever felt your life is an eternal quest to find the right jewellery then this one’s for you!  This Moe Pack will work for any outfit, any mood and any occasion. This is part of our earring jackpot and your search is over. These are simple, striking and edgy studs and drops all in one. Have fun wearing them and being creative with your options! Remember they have a flip side to matt silver to get even MORE out of your look!

Love, Emma x

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