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Luxe Signature Icon Thread Through Earrings - SPECIAL RELEASE

We are so excited to announce the release of our SPECIAL RELEASE Luxe Signature Collection. (Click here to view the rest of the range available for preorder.)

Silver, or gold? Why not have both?

The Luxe Light Gold Icon Thread Through Earrings are super stunning little sparklers that will suit a special occasion just as superbly as they will your everyday tee and jeans combo! The circular icon drops dance along with you all day, constantly flipping between mirrored gold and brushed silver! Add these insanely adaptable beauties to your collection so you've always got the right earrings for any occasion!

Love, Emma x

Designer Notes 

  • handmade in Australia
  • perfect for special occasions or an everyday earring that matches everything
  • wear these earrings 2 ways
  • thread the sterling silver bars to the front or back of your ear
  • circular panels are light gold on one side and brushed silver alloy on the other
  • sterling silver bars and chain
  • 70mm long, 13mm wide
  • 0.7 grams each

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