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Navy Animal Print Arch Drop Stud Earrings

The Navy Animal Print Arch Drop Stud Earrings are an incredibly simple way to add a modern pop of awesomeness to any outfit. Our unique stud design also allows you to flip these earrings over to be sleek silver so that you can wear them with ANYTHING! If the sound of owning artwork that you can wear, is music to your'll want to get these charmers in yours, ASAP! Moe Moe Design exists only to make you feel amazing!

Love, Emma x

Designer Notes 

  • Australian handmade
  • an eclectic statement piece 
  • wear these earrings 2 ways
  • reverse the panels to reveal brushed silver alloy 
  • gold plated, sterling silver posts and backs
  • Navy Animal Print is navy, black and mustard
  • inspired by leopards and abstract yet wearable colour palettes, we combined the two for maximum impact
  • 5.2cm long including hook, 4.4cm wide
  • 3 grams each

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