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Tulip Bud Myriam Van Neste Layered Medium Circle Stud Earrings

Do you feel like life is actually an eternal quest to find the most amazing earrings ever...well we're here for you! This clever stud design has become our favourite Moe Moe piece because it can adapt to any outfit, mood or occasion. You've hit the (earring) jackpot... the search is over! 

FLIP, SWAP, STACK OR MIX each earring tile to create a new design! Or wear the circles or rectangle alone as a simple stud. Take a step further and purchase a Restyle Pack and enter a world of unlimited combinations! You can wear your earrings on our longer drop hooks, small drop hooks or sleeper hooks.  
On the flip side, making them reversible to a matte silver hue for a timeless look.

Check all colours of our Layered Medium Circle studs here 

  • featuring a Myriam Van Neste signature floral print with sweet pink hues, classic navy on a fresh white base
  • reversible silver alloy panels have artwork on one side and sleek brushed silver on the other - choose which way to wear them!  
  • sterling silver hooks
  • 3 cm long x 2cm wide 
  • 6 grams each 
  • Australian Made on the Gold Coast 


Myriam Van Neste - the talent behind Helsinki Mon Amour (@helsinkimonamour) - is an artist and illustrator from Quebec, currently living and working in Vienna, Austria. Formerly trained as a sculptor in Montreal Canada and then Helsinki, Finland; this multifaceted artist obtained her Masters degree in Environmental Art. From year 2016 onwards, Myriam’s focus shifted from sculpture toward illustration, creating a new body of work now including art prints, surface pattern design and mixed media collages. We are honoured to be collaborating with Myriam to bring you exquisite floral earrings with that scandi flair that we love so dearly.


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