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Moe Moe is a “stop you in your tracks” innovation in jewellery design. We curate a selection of beautiful art work onto metal pieces to create a stunning range of jewellery using sterling silver components. The seemingly overnight sensation of our success was actually 10 years in the making. Starting from a small operation in my living room back in 2008, to forklifts, palettes, a workshop and an office space in 2019.

“I first launched Moe Moe about 10 years ago after a lucky review in Frankie magazine and my business snowballed. I then had to make the difficult decision to close the doors on my dream in 2013 to focus on being a Mum to my 2 gorgeous children. I knew one day I would have the time and focus I needed to get Moe Moe back on track and that day came this year when my youngest started school!

The break took me out of the day-to-day running of the business, I was able to look at the bigger picture. Sales had always been a strong area of the business prior to kids, but my production processes were disastrous and my old systems were not scalable. I tried relentlessly for years to get the effective combination of processes I now use today. I feel as though I banged my head against a wall for five years trying to work out how to actually make this stuff and then just as my daughter started school this year it all came together. I can honestly say I would be surprised if anyone in the world is doing what I do, and if they have worked it out I take my hat o to them!

“The hardest thing is to find the simple way” was a common phrase I heard my dad say over this period of time and I am so happy I kept at it.”

I no longer worry when I get an order about how I will ll it and I look forward to the future and to the wonderful collaborations we have in the pipeline with some well-known Australian artists! I now look at the break as the biggest gift as I was able to see the proverbial forest and not focus on just the trees and have meaningful time with my kids. I feel in lots of ways my business has just started.”

“I am surrounded by the most incredible team and I get to work with inspiring artists - it really feels like a dream come true!”