Restyle Pack

  • Australian made
  • absolute LIFE CHANGER
  • approx. 0.6 grams each
  • flip, swap and stack your favourite Moe Moe Design pieces onto:
    1 pair sterling silver studs ( 2mm wide )
    1 pair sterling silver short hooks ( 15mm long )
    1 pair sterling silver sleepers ( 25mm long )
    1 pair sterling silver long hooks ( 20mm long )

Explore endless Moe Moe possibilities with our brand new Sterling Silver Restyle Pack! Think mix 'n' match, but way freaking C O O L E R !!! We have designed the ultimate accessory to take your Moe Moe earring collection to a place you couldn't have imagined in your wildest dreams! We're literally talking hundreds of thousands of new possibilities. Seriously. Swap your favourite earrings from sleepers to studs, from long hooks to short hooks, and that's only the very beginning of what you can do! Try reversing or stacking your favourite earring shapes together and create your very own design; unique to YOU.

A genius idea even if we do say so ourselves... make your Moe Moe work harder with the Sterling Silver Restyle Pack and you'll always have the right earrings for ANY occasion!

Love, Emma x

* Please note; the Sterling Silver Restyle Pack is compatible with all earrings in our range except for the Fan Arch Hook and the Hooped Circle Hook.

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