Museums of History NSW Artifacts Hollow Moon Drop Earrings

The allure of the hollow moon drop comes from the beautiful contrast of the black brass moon next to the warm, neutral tone of the art. Subtly striking, these earrings are an everyday style that still get the attention they deserve. Simple, yet you can't seem to look away.

Wear these for those afternoon plans that transition into the evening. 

  • Featuring imagery of the gaming token from the Hyde Park Barracks archaeology collection, Photo © Jamie North for Sydney Living Museums
  • Sterling silver hooks 
  • Featuring a brass moon component
  • Reversible silver alloy panels with artwork on one side and sleek brushed silver on the other
  • 4cm long x 3cm wide 
  • 1.92 grams each 
  • Australian made in Currumbin, QLD 


Our artifacts collection was inspired by gaming tokens. These bone, ceramic, and wooden gaming tokens were found by archaeologists at Hyde Park Barracks beneath the floors and appear to have been hand-carved by convicts from rubbish scraps and animal bones saved from their meals. Gambling with coins was common among convicts even though it was banned at the Barracks and punishable by a stint in the solitary confinement cells. We admire this innovation and feel it’s aligned with the way we use industrial materials to make something pretty for your ears!


Museums of History NSW cares for a group of 12 of the most important historic houses, gardens, and museums in NSW. Their purpose is to enrich and revitalise people’s lives with Sydney’s living history, and to hand the precious places in their care and their collections on to future generations to enjoy. If you love architecture, interiors, gardens or Australian history, a visit to any one of Museums of History NSW historic homes and museums will reveal the fascinating people and stories of Sydney’s living history. But look closer and you’ll see how these remarkable properties tell the evolving story of architecture in Sydney.


Moe Moe Design earrings are lovingly designed from start to finish in our Currumbin, QLD studio. Our small, powerful team all contribute to the creation of each earring by wearing, product testing, drawing, building, and cutting each design until it’s just right. We hope you love the transformable pieces we have designed for you to seamlessly style from outfit to outfit with ease!

Moe Moe Design is the capsule wardrobe of earrings: flip them to plain silver, swap your studs to hooks, or stack other Moe Moe pieces together to build something special for any outfit.

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